• Temporary paints

      Shading paints that wear off gradually over time and do not need to be cleaned off at the end of the season. This range is designed to offer growers an effective, user-friendly solution.

      Temporary protection from light and heat for different periods of time without having to clean the paint off at the end of the season.

    • Removable paints

      Often called On/Off, these paints produce results that are stable over time until removed using the appropriate cleaning product. Combining shading and diffusion solutions, this range gives growers control over when they remove the coating.

      Removable protection against heat and light

      Removable protection from light and heat for sun-sensitive crops

      Removable protection from heat while maintaining grow-light

      Removable diffuse light with high transmission

      Removable diffuse coating with heat protection

      Cleaner to remove shading- and diffusion paints

    • Product information

      Not entirely sure which solution fits your needs best? We’ve collected some resources to help you out.

      Online Product Advice

      Get instant product advice in 5 easy steps.
      Understanding light

      Understanding light

      How do our paints influence the sunlight?


      Quick answers to frequently asked questions.

      How to apply Sudlac paints

      Instructions for application of our paints on your greenhouse

    • Applied on the various elements of the greenhouse structure, these solutions make it possible to maintain and protect your greenhouses from premature wear and tear.

      Corrosion protection for heating pipes

      Protects plastic film against premature wear

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A Decision Support Tool to facilitate the choice of shade paints

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Barrault, a satisfied customer that uses Eclipse F2 to protect its most fragile plants

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Macfruit 2018 Rimini: Award for our Eclipse LD² product
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