Team in France

Sudlac is a producer of tried and trusted coatings & shading paints, line marking paints and maintenance paints.

Sudlac was foundend in 1959 and is located in the heart of the French Alps in the high tech region of Grenoble. From this inspiring area we develop and produce among other things safe and environmentally friendly coatings fort he horticulture industry, linemarking paints and specialty coatings for maintenance.

Founded in 1959 in a small garage located in Grenoble centre, Sudlac originally manufactured wall paints for the building industry. His major break through came with the Winter Olympics in 1968 when the construction work for the Games was tendered to local builders and manufacturers, including the paints from Sudlac. In 1970 the factory moved to its current location in the suburbs of Grenoble. Shortly afterwards the paint manufacturer was approached by a grower who was looking for a product to remove the whitewash he’d applied to his greenhouse. Sudlac developed a cleaner and word quickly spread around the local horticultural sector. Such was its popularity, that not only did Sudlac manufacture the cleaner the next year, it also produced the shading paint.

Further diversification into niche products came at the end of the 1970s with the production of paint for sports fields. Also at this time Sudlac switched from producing solvent based paints to water based products. This was a revolution because in those days the paint industry was dominated by the chemical companies who produced oil-based products.

Today Sudlac is a modern innovative fast growing company with worldwide business in our three main branches.


Sudlac logo  
The Sudlac logo comprises 3 s’s, each one representing one of its three sectors. They form a mountain that represents the Alps. It symbolizes the three Mountains around Grenoble, Chartreuse, Belledonne and Vercors. Looking down on the logo, the s’s appear like a mixer for stirring paint.