• Temporary coatings

      Shading coatings that wear off gradually over time and do not need to be cleaned off at the end of the season. This range is designed to offer growers an effective, user-friendly solution.

      Temporary protection from light and heat for different periods of time without having to clean the paint off at the end of the season.

    • Removable coatings

      Often called On/Off, these coatings produce results that are stable over time until removed using the appropriate cleaning product.

      Removable protection against heat and light

      Removable protection from heat while maintaining grow-light

      Cleaning agent for removing shading agents


      Not entirely sure which solution fits your needs best? We’ve collected some resources to help you out.

      Online Product Advice

      Get instant product advice in 5 easy steps.

      Understanding light

      How do our coatings influence the sunlight?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Quick answers to frequently asked questions.

      How to apply Sudlac coatings

      Instructions for application of our coatings on your greenhouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the number on the Sudlac products mean?

The code that is printed on every bucket represents the batchnumber. From every production batch a sample is stored at Sudlac for 2 years, so in case of doubts, we can trace it back and verify the content.

Why is it advised to apply coatings during the day and not at night?

A shading layer should be applied during the day in order to be able to fully dry. When applied in the evening or at night, the greenhouse surface is wet and also the humidity is often high, which will negatively influence the final result.

How long can a bucket be stored?

Sudlac guarantees the quality of an unopened product for a period of 2 years. Read user information on the bucket to verify because exceptions can exist. Products should be stored free from frost and never in direct sunlight. If a bucket has been stored longer than 1 year, you might need to firmly stir it before use.

Should a bucket be used in once, or can it be partly used later?

Sudlac advises to use an opened bucket within 2-3 days, to ensure the quality of the product and to avoid the growth of bacteria’s.

Can two buckets of different products can be mixed together?

Sudlac has developed specific products for several crops and circumstances. For that reason it is not necessary to mix products to achieve a result that combines both product. It can even be counterproductive. Please contact us or your distributors to see which products suits your greenhouse best. You can also use the product advise tool on our website.

What is PAR light?

Photosynthetically active radiation, often called PAR, is the spectral range of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that crops use for the process of photosynthesis.

What is NIR light?

Near-infrared light (NIR) is the spectral range of solar radiation from 700 to 2500 nanometers that is very efficient for generating warmth in the greenhouse. NIR is not used by the crop for photosynthesis.

What is Haze?

Haze is the percentage of light that is being redistributed into other angles. A product with a high haze factor, means that there is little direct light onto the subject, and much is spread around it. Haze does not mean less light, it only says something about the scattering of it.