• Temporary paints

      Shading paints that wear off gradually over time and do not need to be cleaned off at the end of the season. This range is designed to offer growers an effective, user-friendly solution.

      Temporary protection from light and heat for different periods of time without having to clean the paint off at the end of the season.

    • Removable paints

      Often called On/Off, these paints produce results that are stable over time until removed using the appropriate cleaning product. Combining shading and diffusion solutions, this range gives growers control over when they remove the coating.

      Removable protection against heat and light

      Removable protection from light and heat for sun-sensitive crops

      Removable protection from heat while maintaining grow-light

      Removable diffuse light with high transmission

      Removable diffuse coating with heat protection

      Cleaner to remove shading- and diffusion paints

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      Understanding light

      Understanding light

      How do our paints influence the sunlight?


      Quick answers to frequently asked questions.

      How to apply Sudlac paints

      Instructions for application of our paints on your greenhouse

    • Applied on the various elements of the greenhouse structure, these solutions make it possible to maintain and protect your greenhouses from premature wear and tear.

      Corrosion protection for heating pipes

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Temporary Protection from heat and excess light with no need to clean

Eclipse® F2/F4/F6 paints, Sudlac’s historical range and the result of years of development and optimization, are three shading paints for greenhouses, tunnels, and shelters, offering the same level of protection but for different lengths of time. This allows growers to select the protection time that best meets their needs without having to remove the paint.

How it works

Our F2/F4/F6 paints are designed to provide effective, reliable shading protection during the first few weeks after application, gradually wearing off over the season as required. Under identical dilution and application conditions, each of the Eclipse F-series paints produces the same results in terms of the shading rate, but offers a different protection time. The higher the number following the F, the longer the protection will last.

Trend in F-series shading percentage

Protection time

Graph eclipse-F2-F4-F6 wear

F-series shading rates evolution during the season
(2018 field results from France, 45th parallel area)

Eclipse F2

Up to 2 months

Eclipse F4

From 2 to 4 months

Eclipse F6

From 4 to 6 months

Eclipse F4 steel bucket

  Temporary protection of your crop
  Adjustable shading intensity
  Variable protection time
  Wears off gradually during the season
  No need to clean off at the end of the season
  Easy application on all types of greenhouses

Application methods:
Application methods


The shade layer reduces direct solar radiation, resulting in less stress, and protects the crops from sunburn, which improves yield and quality. In countries with a temperate climate, the Eclipse F-series is mainly used to protect ornamentals and leafy vegetables in greenhouses. In the warmer areas of the world, it is also used for fruit vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peppers.


Eclipse F2/F4/F6 paints need to be diluted with clean water before being sprayed onto the greenhouse. Depending on the application method, type of greenhouse, and climate, the dilution rate and amount of spraying liquid may vary to achieve the best result. The product can be applied manually, by machine, and by helicopter, and is compatible with all greenhouse surfaces.

An emergency cleaning solution available

In order to allow users to deal with any unforeseen circumstances, Eclipse F-series paints can be removed with Eclipse NET cleaner.

Effects of shading with eclipse

For all greenhouse surfaces

Dilution tables

Manual application

Amount of Product Amount of water Total amount of spraying liquid Shading percentage
Buckets per ha Buckets per acre Liter US gal Liter per ha US gal per acre %
F2* F4/F6 F2* F4/F6          
13 10 5 4 1800 190 2000 210 30-35%
27 20 11 8 1700 180 2000 210 50-55%
40 30 16 12 1550 165 2000 210 70-75%

*Eclipse F2 bucket contains 15kg.

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