Macfruit 2018 Rimini: Award for our Eclipse LD² product

Macfruit 2018 Rimini: Award for our Eclipse LD² product
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Sombrero; basic shading in liquid and powder form

Sombrero: an effective shading agent against heat and sunlight

For an effective low-cost shading solution, Sombrero is the perfect chalk application. A layer...
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Richard Haynes from Elders and Michiel Seignette from Sudlac

Australian growers shade with Sudlac for high quality consistent production

The demand by Australian supermarket for year-round high-quality products continues to drive growers to...
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Denis Clavier, production manager of Scea Vendéa

Eclipse LD² Coating enhances lamb’s lettuce productivity and limits black root rot problems

While the lamb’s lettuce consumption is booming, the growing of this sensitive product requires...
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Howard Huy pleased with Transpar

‘Plant continues to function better under Transpar’

Getting the crops to continuously grow well is the biggest challenge during the extreme...
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Alstroemeria grower Siem Knol

Alstroemeria grower Siem Knol: ‘Optifuse IR creates more flower branches’

Alstroemeria nursery VOF-Jong specializes in the year-round cultivation of astroemerias (Peruvian lily). This Cultivation...
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Mechanical removal of greenhouse coatings with Topclear

Topclear: for a spotlessly clean greenhouse roof!

Topclear is the perfect cleaner for removing Sudlac Eclipse® LD, Transpar®, Optifuse® and Optifuse®...
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Greenhouse construction in india

Indian horticulture is booming

‘We are expecting a huge demand for shading products,’ says Mayur Patel of Sabar...
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Improved Eclipse LD

All-purpose removable shading also effective in thin layers

Improved Eclipse LD: Eclipse LD is a standard liquid screening solution for many crops....
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Edgar Leyton

Horticulture in Mexico is booming

Edgar Leyton is the owner of Leyton Greenhouse and Supply in Celaya, Mexico. “We...
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