Sombrero liquid is a cost effective liquid shading product that is used for applying a temporary, even shade layer on greenhouses. Sombrero protects your crop against too much heat and sunlight and can be applied in different dilutions. Sombrero has a good wear resistance up to 3-4 months. The shade layer will wear off gradually, which means that the shading effect is reduced slowly and there is no need for a cleaning product. If necessary a second layer can be applied when a more intense or longer shading is needed.

Manual application

Amount of Sombrero Amount of water Total amount of spraying liquid Shading percentage
Buckets per ha Buckets per acre Liter US gal Liter per ha US gal per acre  
10 4 1850 195 2000 210 30-35%
20 8 1700 180 2000 210 50-55%
30 12 1550 165 2000 210 70-75%

What is Sombrero liquid

Sombrero is a liquid shading product that is used for applying a temporary, even shading coat on greenhouses. Sombrero protects your crop against too much solar radiation.


Mix Sombrero with the desired amount of clean water prior to applying it to the greenhouse surface with the appropriate spray equipment. The wear resistance is dependent on the dilution factor, the intensity of the UV radiation and amounts of rain.


First fill the mixing container with half the amount of needed water. Add Sombrero and start mixing. Add more water to get the total amount of needed mixture. Mix with sufficient force until it has formed into a homogeneous mixture. Scrape the bottom of the container to check that there is no residue. Now the mixture is ready to use.


Only apply Sombrero Liquid in fast drying circumstances to ensure the coating is fully dried before dusk. Rainfall the same day of application can damage the coating. Sombrero Liquid should only be applied at temperatures above 10°C (50°F).


Unopened container of Sombrero can be stored for 2 years. Stir before use if product is older than 1 year. Protect from freezing.


Sombrero is a waterbased product that contains no environmental harmful ingredients. Prevent discharge onto surface water as discoloration can occur. Sudlac is MPS and Coatings Care certified.


In case of eye or skin contact rinse with water. If swallowed, seek medical attention.


The provided information is based on average observed results. Our suggestions do not relieve the user of the necessity to test our products and to verify suitability for the purpose.

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