• Temporary coatings

      Shading coatings that wear off gradually over time and do not need to be cleaned off at the end of the season. This range is designed to offer growers an effective, user-friendly solution.

      Temporary protection from light and heat for different periods of time without having to clean the paint off at the end of the season.

    • Removable coatings

      Often called On/Off, these coatings produce results that are stable over time until removed using the appropriate cleaning product.

      Removable protection against heat and light

      Removable protection from heat while maintaining grow-light

      Cleaning agent for removing shading agents


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      Understanding light

      How do our coatings influence the sunlight?

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      How to apply Sudlac coatings

      Instructions for application of our coatings on your greenhouse

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Removing Sudlac paints with Topclear


Mix Topclear with the necessary amount of clean water. Apply the solution evenly onto a dry greenhouse surface under dry weather conditions and a minimum temperature of 5°C (40°F) .

Minimal reaction time is 20 minutes before rinsing with water or brushing. Considerable rainfall will wash away the coating. Only apply Topclear if considerable rainfall is expected in the next few days. Removal with roof sprinklers is not recommended.

For removal of Optifuse and Optifuse IR:

Apply Topclear in the advised amount and dilution within 3 days before considerable rainfall. A brushing machine should be available in case the cleaning result is not satisfactory.


First fill the mixing container with half the amount of needed water. Add Topclear and start mixing. Add more water to get the total amount of needed mixture. Mix with sufficient force until it has formed into a homogeneous mixture. Now the mixture is ready to use.


Shake before use. Keep from freezing


Rinse water can run off into surface water if surrounding waterways are suitable in size and water volume. Should the rinse water run into the basin, test suitability before use as the pH might increase.
Sudlac is involved in Responsible Care®. 


The use of safety glasses and mask are recommended when handling or applying Topclear. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. If ingested, seek medical attention.


The provided information is based on average observed results. Our suggestions do not relieve the user of the necessity to test our products and to verify suitability for the purpose.

Dilution Tables

Product information and dilution tables

Application of Sudlac paints

Usage and handling details as well as more information on application methods.