• Temporary coatings

      Shading coatings that wear off gradually over time and do not need to be cleaned off at the end of the season. This range is designed to offer growers an effective, user-friendly solution.

      Temporary protection from light and heat for different periods of time without having to clean the paint off at the end of the season.

    • Removable coatings

      Often called On/Off, these coatings produce results that are stable over time until removed using the appropriate cleaning product.

      Removable protection against heat and light

      Removable protection from heat while maintaining grow-light

      Cleaning agent for removing shading agents


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Sombrero: an effective shading agent against heat and sunlight

For an effective low-cost shading solution, Sombrero is the perfect chalk application. A layer of shading is easily applied to all kinds of greenhouses and tunnels using this product. It protects crops against an excess of heat and sunlight.

Product range

Sombrero is available in powder and liquid form. Both forms are excellent high-quality shading products at an affordable price. The shading products are hard-wearing and give a shading effect that is comparable with removable shading agents. The powder form, Sombrero powder, is mainly suitable for areas with less precipitation. The liquid form, Sombrero liquid, is more resistant to weather influences and is available in two versions with different wear resistances. With the right product, growers can protect their valuable crops against the sometimes adverse effects of the sun in a reliable way.

Liquid and powder form

Sombrero powder is the entry-level product and has a good wear resistance of up to two months. For a longer shading effect, a second layer of shading can be applied. However, since this involves extra product and labour costs, in some cases it would be better to choose Sombrero liquid. When applied correctly, the wear resistance of this shading product is sufficient for an entire season.

Preparing a spray mixture

An advantage off the liquid form compared to the powder form is that it mixes with water more easily without the spray mixture becoming lumpy, which could clog up or even damage the spray equipment.
Sombrero liquid has been developed so that it can be easily applied in a nice homogenous layer using simple spray equipment. The grower’s own spray equipment is often sufficiently adequate for applying the product.

No cleaning costs

The various Sombrero products are an attractive solution for many growers because the shading product will wear off naturally during the season as a result of the rain and UV load. Removing the shading with a removal agent is therefore not necessary. That will result in a saving on the costs of removal, both for the product and the labour. Another advantage of the gradual wearing off of the shading is that insolation uniformly increases As a result, the crops are less likely to show stress symptoms. A disadvantage is that a grower does not have the flexibility to determine when the shading is removed, because direct removal of Sombrero products is not possible.

Better wear resistance

Sombrero products are popular shading products in regions where foil greenhouses are in abundance, such as in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Mexico. The market is also growing in countries like Vietnam and South Korea. A ‘stronger’ liquid form is available for tropical regions because the product must be resistant to tropical rainfall. Sudlac has offered a region-specific solution to this request by developing a unique version of Sombrero liquid.