Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Linemarking paint instead of plaster or whitewash for line-marking?

Besides the fact that paint does not form hard and dangerous heap, the paint allows you to line-mark a field no matter the weather: wind, wet weather …
Serraline paints will offer you a line-mark that last from several day to several weeks depending of the product you choose.

How to know if you need to dilute the Serraline paint?

We have two kinds of products:
• The Concentrate and Natural paints are concentrated solutions and need to be diluted with water.
• The Ready-To-Use and Low consumption paints are ready to use solutions and don’t need to be diluted before utilization.

How to make a dilution?

First of all, fill a bucket with the volume of paint you need, then add the same volume of water (example: 2 liters of Serraline 20 + 2 liters of water). Mix it until obtaining a homogeneous solution. To finish, add the remaining volumes of water (refer yourself to the dilution board of the product) and mix it again until obtaining a homogeneous solution.

How many layers are necessary to draw a field?

It is always good to double the layer of your initial line-marking, to impregnate your line-marking to the grass.
For the maintenance, one layer will be enough.
Trick: by alternating the way you do the line-marking, you’ll guarantee your line to be perfectly visible from both sides of the grass.

What quantity of Serraline is necessary to line-mark a field?

We forecast 10 liters of diluted solution to line-mark a soccer field and 13 liters to line-mark a rugby field. The exact quantity of paint will depend on the paint quality you choose and we advise you to look at the dilution board of the product.
Other factors may affect the quantity you’ll:
• Machine type: a roller machine consume less than a spraying machine. 6 to 8 liters with a roller vs 10 to 12 liters with a spraying machine.
• Maintenance will consume less than initial line-marking.
• The line marking quality you want to get.

The quantity for Low consumption paint will be 2 to 4 liters depend of the nozzle you’ll use and the application speed.

What is the Serraline drying time?

The drying time varies from 10 to 45 minutes according to the weather.

How long does a Serraline line-mark last?

Once the paint is dry, the paint will last from 1 to 3 weeks depending of the weather, the mowing and the paint quality.

Can we apply Serraline no matter the weather?

It is not advised to line-mark under the storm or pouring rain. However you really need to line mark under a light rain, you have 2 solutions:
• Add more paint to replace water.
• Add our SERRAFIX product with a rate of 500 ml for 10 liters of mixture, to ensure an enhanced fixation.

Are Serraline products easy to store and to preserve?

Our paints are made to stay stable and homogeneous in their original open or closed packaging, even when the dilution is done. It stays preferable to shake the can before use to make the solution homogeneous.
Concerning storage condition, our Serraline paints range prensents the advantage to be frost proof except Serraline Low Consumption and Ready-To-Use that need to be keeped between 5°C and 30°C.

Are the Serraline paints respectful of the environment?

All the laboratory tests from our 30 years of experience proved that our products are respectful of the environment and also of the users. They are certified no-phytotoxic and biodegradable.

What is the utility of the various colors?

• The red color is use for the photograph area
• The yellow and blue are used when it snows and for the children field width line-mark.
• The green serves to erase white lines. To pass for example, from a field of soccer to a field of rugby.
• The green, the bright yellow, the lively red, the blue and the black serve to make logos, drawings or advertisements.

What type of machine do we apply Serraline with?

Unless you use Serraline Low Consumption which needs a high-pressure spraying with turbulence nozzle (Multimarker or Multicompak machines), other products are compatible with all rollers or spraying machine available on the market.

How to clean SerraLine on hands and material?

Concerning your hands, just use water and soap.
Concerning the machine, we sell Serraline Net, a cleaner that cleans smallest nooks and does not attack machine’s joints.

What is the difference between rollers and spraying application?

A rollers machine is cheaper and easier to use but crushes the grass, paint only one side of stalks and is not working well on earthy or sandy zones.
A spraying machine is more expensive and needs a bit more care, but offers you a perfect draw with both side of stalks completely paint and makes a uniform layer on the grass.
A line-mark made with a spraying machine is less sensitive to the mowing because of the deep penetration of the paint into the grass.

Producing line-marking paints for natural grass sport fields for more than 30 years, Sudlac is one of the leaders in France, but also internationally. Our goal is to offer innovative and quality products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. This is why Our R & D department works every day, to provide small amatory clubs as well as world’s most famous teams with most adapted line-marking solutions.