Horticulture in Mexico is booming

Edgar Leyton is the owner of Leyton Greenhouse and Supply in Celaya, Mexico. “We have customers across the country ranging from large companies with high-tech greenhouses to smaller companies with low-tech greenhouses. We can offer these companies everything they need in terms of technology, such as substrates, irrigation requirements, crop protection agents and the Sudlac shading materials.”

Horticulture in Mexico is booming. It mainly concerns the cultivation of fruit vegetables. The tomato is the main product followed by berries in second place. They are followed by the cucumber, pepper and eggplant. More and more companies are choosing to grow in modern greenhouses. Not only due to the higher production, but also in order to meet the strict requirements of American buyers.

Edgar Leyton sees how growers are investing in infrastructure and knowledge. That also applies to his client base, which is growing each year through word-of-mouth advertising. He has been working with Sudlac since 2014. The main product that they supply is Eclipse LD, followed by Transpar and Optifuse. These products are mainly destined for the high-tech segment. Growers in the mid and low-tech segments mainly choose non-removable solutions, such as Sombrero.

True partners

Leyton is extremely satisfied with the shading products of Sudlac. “Technically, the products work well. They are a good solution to climate issues and thus contribute to the well-being of the plants. And therefore also to the well-being of the growers.” He is very enthusiastic about the good cooperation.
“We have received good commercial and technical support from the very beginning. We are true partners who strengthen each other by sharing knowledge. Whenever we visit customers together, we brainstorm about how we can achieve the best result.” And whether the customers are satisfied? They continue to buy the products and order more every time.