Sudlac focuses on chalk based shading materials, but can offer much more

Sudlac, manufacturer of shading agents, is mainly advertising its range of chalk based products. A strange choice for a company that has ‘more’ to offer?

The product range of Sudlac varies from simple to advanced. Sombrero powder, Sombrero liquid or Eclipse LD are good solutions for anyone wishing to reduce light levels in the greenhouse.

Sombrero powder is a product in powder form. It is just like ‘old-fashioned’ chalk, but more refined and with a uniform quality. It is the most economical product for the grower that does not mind dissolving and mixing to create a ready-to-use product. Sombrero liquid is indeed, as the name implies, in liquid form and can therefore be applied a little more precisely and is a little easier to use. Both products are not removable and must ‘wear’ off. Eclipse LD also protects against light and heat, but in terms of ease of use and quality it is one step higher, because this solution can be removed with a cleaning agent called Topclear.

For those with higher expectations or for specific crops, there are more ‘technical’ products available, such as Transpar, Optifuse and Optifuse IR. Transpar protects against heat while maintaining grow light. Optifuse diffuses light, but allows a lot of light through. Optifuse IR does the same, but also keeps heat at bay. All three products can be removed with Topclear.

Choosing together

There is a lot to choose from. The best choice depends on the crop, the location and the grower’s needs. The product advice tool on the new website can help you find the right product. A grower in the south of France has other growing conditions than a grower in Mexico or Japan.

After entering the location the grower can choose from several different crop types, such as fruit crops, foliage plants, cut flowers or ornamental plants. The next steps deal with the type of greenhouse, the preferred method of application and the greenhouse area. The outcome is a product recommendation.

Product Advice Tool for horticulture Coatings